You have been waiting in lines, going through security checks and finally you make it to your designated gate. You’re in the airport, sitting on a bench trying to siphon the airport Wi-Fi, when you hear it on the intercom. Your flight has been delayed. The worst. Now, you’re going be late to your best friend’s wedding, that mandatory business conference, or that visit to the in-laws you’ve been putting off for forever. It happens all the time and frequent flyers across the world have heard some variation of what I just described. In the end reactions make all the difference.

Delayed and Tired

Cenk Uygur, the main host of the popular youtube channel ‘The Young Turks’, was inconvenienced April 9th when he couldn’t board his plane on time. You can see how he and the other people reacted and I think it’s a little messed up. If you fast forward to 1:40 in the video he says “developed a mechanical problem. Ok, that happens, I get it, right, everybody gets it. No, they just decided to fuck this Miami flight.”

Yeah, flights do get delayed, that definitely does happen. If you fast forward again to 2:00 in the video you can start to see the reactions of the many people angry about their flight. One man yelling at the top of his lungs at the poor desk clerk, even. These are very bad reactions to a delayed flight. I mean come on it’s not the fucking clerks fault that the plane is delayed. One man, about 30 seconds later, does jump in to defend the clerk but most people just stand around throwing tantrums.

I remember one of the first flights I was on that had been delayed. It was a horrid small airport in Cusco that was crowded and hot as hell. The plane was going to be late because of weather, understandable, and people were getting antsy. A few gate changes later and people were mad. A small clerk comes out to address the crowd and almost gets mauled by the mob of angry travelers. Curses flying and insults being let loose and she still manages to keep cool. Respect.

Basically, people seem to get really pissed off at two things in the world; not getting their food on time and planes being delayed. It really gets under their skin.

Anyways to Cenk’s credit he does point out that the clerk does a good job at the end of the video. I also admit I’m a little biased because I do like his show but his reaction was wrong in this case.

So, come on people, please don’t act like a complete baby when things don’t go your way. I still like the young turks, but the reaction was way off. Next time, take a chill pill.

-Tmoney out.