Thomas Foreman — Tmoney Travels


Hi! I’m Thomas — the guy behind tmoneytravels.

I left the comfort of the States for South America back in 2013 to take my first backpacking trip. I was frantically searching for something to do after I graduated high school and this plan seemed as good as any. I thought I would have a decent trip, come back, go to college, get a career, the whole American dream she-bang.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, I ended up getting really inspired for one of the first times in my life. A light flicked on, my stomach lurched a little and I knew this was the life I wanted.

I now know that I want to walk around a city so much that my feet are bloody from trying to explore every inch of it.

I know that I want to ride packed, rickety buses on the edge of the Andes while making my way to a cloud-forest.

I also know that I want to trek up a mountain just to see ancient ruins built by a people that I will never be able to relate to.

I know these things and many more, now.

About what I don’t know.


There are still some things I don’t know, though.

I don’t know:

Where my meals will be coming from every day.

Where my income will be coming from each month.

What country I will be visiting a year from now.

How I’ll be feeling about travel in 5 years.

Or if I’ll ever go to college.

But you know what?

I am fine with not knowing. That’s the beauty of wandering. Things are simple.

I believe life was meant to be simple.

So feel free to subscribe and follow my blog and let’s see if simple is possible!

-Tmoney out.