Backpacking is basically just the action of taking some luggage, strapping it to your back and hauling ass to another country. There is no right or wrong here. Some people hike trails this way, others hop on trains across Europe or hitchhike across Asia. It’s literally living out of a suitcase, wearing all your worldly goods on your back, just like back in the day.

The top 3 blogs I frequent are Harald Baldr Men’s Expat Magazine, Wandering Earl, and Expert Vagabond.

Wandering Earl:

Production: Very slow. One article per month or so.

Wandering Earl was one of the first travel blogs I ever looked at. It’s chalk full of dangerous and curious tales ranging from visiting the middle east, to many stints in India. Earl writes quite a lot of interesting stories from abroad but also includes very practical information as well.

Harald Baldr:

Production: Slow. Most content in form of Podcasts and Videos.

Baldr’s Expat Magazine is definitely a curious find. It has a range of articles starting at finances and stock investing to the Top 10 Easiest Countries to Bang Hot Girls. Politically incorrect and financially savvy, Baldr is worth the time to at least check out.

Expert Vagabond:

Production: Slow, but a horde of content.

Beautiful photography, specific and direct information about particular countries, excellent videography. Expert Vagabond is probably one of the most popular travel blogs out there. The photography, photographed by a professional, is truly outstanding. Definitely worth a look.

The best way to save money while traveling is simple. Don’t travel. While it sounds counter-intuitive, the idea is very basic. The slower you travel, the more money you save. Getting an apartment for 6 months is going to end up costing less than a hotel for 3 months.

It’s simple economics. The longer the stay, the more knowledge you’ll gain of area of where: to buy food, to purchase amenities, to get the bus, etc, etc.

Most certainly. While, it is said that you are never truly alone while traveling, the fact is that you can still get lonely.

Missing the comforts of home, the comfort of knowing what/where to go, what to do, and the comfort of routine. All of that vanishes in a new country but you will learn and then you will thrive.

Occasionally, on the road, you will find yourself missing family members, friends etc. However, this is true with everything in life, as the old saying goes: nothing good comes easy.

The answer, emphatically, is a resounding: NO. In comparison to real-estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

Across the world, the only thing you may need is a pretty face and being able to speak English. You can find jobs in places such as: Central/South America, parts of Asia, parts of Eastern Europe, without any certification at all.

Does it help?

Yes. A TEFL or degree, or both, makes the job hunt a lot easier.

Is it necessary?

At the risk of going against the grain and sounding like a travel blog conspiracy theorist, the answer is no.

Central/South America: $500-$1200 a month.
Typically, you won’t make much in Central or South America. Probably just enough to live on. The cost of living is pretty cheap, though.

Asia: $900-$2000 a month.
In Asia, however, you could get paid accommodation, paid flights, bonuses. The opportunities are enormous. Plus, cost of living is extraordinarily cheap.

Travelers of the world mostly speak English. If you do too, then there isn’t a problem meeting people.

Why? Well, because you already have one thing in common with them. You’re in the same place, doing the same thing they are.

Staying longer than a month though, and you’ll find that most of your travel ‘friends’ have already skipped town. Locals don’t skip town, so learning the language offers the chance to have long-lasting relationships. Or find an expat community.

No. Does it help? Of course!

Learning even a bit of the language helps immensely. I’ve mostly been in Spanish speaking countries and I can’t imagine how I would have gotten around with at least a modicum of Spanish ability.

That said, gestures and charades sure go a long way.

While it certainly helps, no you don’t. Some parts of the world you can live for a decent life for only $500 a month. Traveling sometimes is just as cheap, but slow traveling, as always is the cheapest.

Slow down, smell the roses, get an apartment. Don’t jump from country to country within the span of a week or two. If you slow down, you can purposely miss all the cost of airline tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, etc.

Talk to locals, find out where they eat.
Talk to expats, get advice, find their Facebook page. Nearly every country in the world has some sort of expat community.

Volun-tourism is simply, the act of paying a company to volunteer with them. I repeat, paying a company to volunteer. Sounding ridiculous? Well, that’s because it is.

Go to instead.

Is there anywhere in the world that at some point wasn’t dangerous?

Hostels are shared dormitories, no more dangerous than a hotel, unless you count the copious amount of noise and drunk sex going on beside you.

No. Again sounding counter-intuitive, the local language is absolutely not necessary. Schools want authentic native speakers and the number one concern of schools is communicating exclusively in the target language. For example, if you’re teaching English, you and your students should only speak in English.

Thomas Foreman
Thomas Foreman Author of Tmoney Travels
Current Location: Guatemala
Current Profession: English Teacher

Thomas Foreman is an aspiring writer, photojournalist, and cheap beer taster. After school, he set off on an excursion through Peru, and then later throughout Europe. The travel bug having been securely attached, he is now currently in Central America teaching English.


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